Chris Hilbig’s – Yes You Too Can Learn to Draw

One of the many things I have learnt by looking at Chris Hilbig’s course Yes You Too Can Learn To Draw is that there is so much more I could be doing with WordPress!   And I will.  Being an artist takes a lot of setting up.  My understanding and experience leads me to believe that half the battle of being an artist is the preparation that goes into projects before they ever even begin.

I have just managed to design my studio and now I am in the stage of deciding for once and for all what tools, systems, software and approaches I will take as my projects unfold.

One of the alluring attributes of Yes You Too Can Learn is that while it is obvious that there is a lot of work involved with drawing and publishing it is also fun!  If students are meant to sustain their love of the subject, the tasks must simple, straight forward and scaffolded to ensure maximum access, motivation and momentum.

I would welcome feedback about Yes You Too Can Learn?  How many readers have followed along?  I have decided to go through every exercise and I will post some of my first attempts here later on today.


  • Murphy,J. (2013)  Global Citizens Creative Arts Text. Insights and Activities. Kindle.

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