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Hive Jigsaw Puzzle of the Day

Browsing Behance can get overwhelming since even the curated galleries have hundreds of entries. To stay up to date read Adobe Inspiration and a column by Terri Stone where Adobe Inspire Magazine editors share a few favorites.  Terri Stone is an journalist who aims to help you make  full use of Behance and its ProSite service.

Behance, is a hub for creatives who want to promote their work and for clients who need to find talent. It was fonded for creatives and clients and sports 60 creative fields, including web design, illustration, film, and photography, fashion styling and graffiti.

The Behance community founders Scott Belsky and Matias Corea welcome people at all experience levels.  Members are encouraged to “Appreciate” a member’s work (akin to the Facebook Like button), follow members’ portfolios, post public comments, and send private messages.

The work is inspirational, just browse Behance, especially the galleries curated by Oscar Ramos Orozco and others.

Paying members of Adobe Creative Cloud also get a customized website called ProSite with membership. If you don’t have Creative Cloud, you can get ProSite for $99 a year. For more information, including examples, see


  • Belsky,S.  (2013)  Manage Your Day – To –Day is a Five Chapter set of interviews with successful people who have valuable things to say about topics such as building a routine to nourish creative production while finding focus amid distraction.
  • Stone,T.  (June 2013) Best of Behance. Adobe Inspire.

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