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Creative Arts Leadership @ Its Best!

Global Citizens Creative Arts Text is a Portal to an Online Community
The book sets out the methodology and links take the reader to related worksheets and other resources.


Creative Arts leadership

Global Citizens Art has the advantage of a targeted, participating global audience while remaining local and relevant.  The conceptual framework for the creative arts educational strategy embraces technology and the digital arts while encouraging local co-creation of community based design.



Creative Arts Based Leadership Approach
The mission of the educational community is to acknowledge that Creative Arts Leadership can be plucky.


Prayer Love Understanding Creativity Knowledge Integrity



The first volume of a workbook bundle series has been created with the input of local Catholic School Teachers and Creative Educators and Artists.  It is encouraging to think that this talent exists in our local teaching environment.

Synching to the National Curriculum

The work of creating an educational community of learning inquiry and studio practice synched to the National Curriculum is being addressed as a pressing need.

To do this we are following the American lead of on the community portal Teachers Pay Teachers.

Education week movie acknowledged that the value of the arts as an educational tool has been watered down since the 1970s.  This was a proactive time, when Freire and Boal made their classic call for student centred teaching. The value and the potential of the arts has been obscured over the years even though the need to kindle resilience, empathy and compassion is even greater.


It is now encouraging to see exceptionally talented artists such as Fiona Foley contribute to a revival of the Creative Arts as a way to tease out new directions and purpose for the arts as we build pedagogical strategies around

  • Social and emotional learning (empathy, compassion understanding tolerance and resilience) Gesture Drawing Worksheet            Education for Compassion & Understanding.Gesture Drawing
  • Linguistic arts that can be taught as a communicative language.  Many people describe such things as Flash Bulb Memory and Fleeting Haiku work as “Communicative Action.”
  • Synergy and integration between History Science Math and English to enhance learning.
  • Highly motivational community environments for teachers.

Many of the processes originate from personal authentic narrative.  The work engages, students in an approach to language that is accessible to all learners.

Authentic Project Based Inquiry is for the most part Whole Language in nature. (think Gestalt) Through it a variety of approaches to teaching are designed, such as Motivational

The book Global Citizens Creative Arts Text (link) features the work of a sprinkling of local Catholic teachers who have allowed their work to be used as exemplars so that writers can pioneer this inclusive approach to educational community.

Rachael Jacobs. Lecturer Creative Arts ACU.

Steph Unger.     Musician Song Writer Teacher.  OLC. BCE. (link)

Helen Clarke.    Visual Artist and Teacher. St Augustine’s Springfield. (link)

All local teachers/ artists / creative arts therapists and ESL practitioners have the opportunity to become involved in a broader community.  Teachers Pay Teachers is only one of the many strategies to empower and enthuse an inclusive community approach.

The text has been designed to act as a guide to involvement in a community of teachers.   There are general activities meant to share a way of thinking about teaching.  They can be accessed from a Blog, which is uploaded regularly with lessons, tips, strategies and templates.

This synergized approach represents an ever-growing resource of lesson ideas provided ready for teachers to download and use.  How To Draw a Feather is one example.

The book acts as in invitation and by showing samples and guides provides exemplars for teachers to try, strategies, lesson and ideas and about which to provide feedback.

Teachers who work this way become empowered as they try out new strategies, critique the work of others and offer ways of working for other teachers to critique.


Soon blended learning courses will be offered that “power start” the strategies.  These are intensive introductions to methodology, and strategies with regards technology and social media for the classroom.  They run as an introduction and then after an 8week period they have a follow up session.  Subscribe at the website if you would like to become involved.

Spread the Word

From time to time the book is placed on special free offer as a way of introducing the concept to teachers and asking for feedback.  In particular we are asking for teacher questions and guidance with regard the style and design of resources and design of the online communities.

Become Involved Early

From time to time the book will be available for free download from Amazon Kindle. The exact time of this availability is difficult to predict so please email global.citizens.art@gmail.com if you would like an alert when this text becomes freely available.  If you would like to be kept up to date with news of workshops and other developments email global.citizens.art@gmail.com

Avaiable @ Amazon

Avaiable @ Amazon

The first workbook released in the series will provide activities for one of the Elements of Design.     POINT

It will become available for free download review and feedback soon.
In the meantime this lesson will give you a feel for How It Works.

Resources: PR1   PR2