The Versatile Thermal Copier

Thermal-Copiers provide an easy cost effect way to produce screenprints while saving time and money.  Thermal-copiers transfer a black line image onto a silk screen so that kids can make their own T-shirts.   Not only this, the screens can be wrapped around objects and sponged so that students can print on ceramics, create logos on wooden projects and the like.

At BYETC, we decided to purchase a thermal copier so that we could produce motivating apparallell for a our PBL program© BYETC


This PBL team T Shirt was created to be worn at barbeques and carnivals by our team representatives.  The process is simple.

  1.  Using the blackline logos provided for the program, we created a photocopy image and placed it into a carier under a sheet of baking paper to absorb any extra mositure as preparation for the burning stage.stage1
  2. Once the image was prepared, it was again passed through the theramal copier but this time with a blue screen cut to size on top of it.
  3. Once the screen was burned, it was removed and attached to a screen printing frame.  Fabric printing ink is used with the screen and squeegee in exactly the same way as any other screen printing operation.


The simplicity of this method means that the students can create screenprints with ease. The process only requires that they are able to do a detailed black line drawing – the rest is as easy as ABC.



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