Review of Oxygen & The Fifth Man by Ingermanson and Olson

Oxygen (Oxygen, #1)Oxygen by John B. Olson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

John Olson and Randy Ingermanson have now complimented Oxygen by another eBook called The Fifth Man.
I hope the two books set the scene for series of enlightening outer space excitement! The main appeal of the books is the subtlety of the Christian message, which lightly winds throughout both texts
Although the writers ask Christian questions throughout, they do not hit the reader over the head with a moralistic bludgeon; rather, they touch on timeless issues, which lead the narrative through such touchy subjects as the value of truth. Insistently they investigate truth telling as a phenomenon as tension mounts when each and every lie further complicates the story line. The heros plunge further and further into a tangle of complexity that obscures operations of the mission and unnecessarily risks valuable lives.

The character development of the two books is enhanced by comparing and contrasting styles of relating and behaving. In this way the book asks questions rather than moralises, which makes it an interesting read for the young adult market. It deals with relevant issues for young people who are ready to embark on the two most important aspects of relating, marriage and establishing a career. The point seems to be “at what cost do people engage in subterfuge and sleight of hand when trying to climb the success ladder?”

The books educate readers about what it might be like to travel into outer space. It seems the real risks are socio-emotional ones. Issues arise around overcrowding, lack of food and oxygen, competitive rivalry over relationships in cramped living quarters in an emotionally charged and dangerous situation.

The book’s plot is softened when issues of forgiveness and punishment arise.
Both authors are generous with their knowledge. Both books have sections that are designed as instructional for ‘would be’ writers.
Randy has co-written Writing Fiction For Dummies. I have reviewed it elsewhere.

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